Created in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Made with love in the USA.

The international story of Kur™ is a tale in itself, unfolding in the Kingdom of Denmark in 2007. There, a Dane and an American living in Copenhagen, began a food company based on simple, clean ingredients with no added sugar, dairy or gluten.

Today, the Kur™ bar is still Scandinavian through and through. Recipes and quality of ingredients are all based on a perfect balanced knowledge of being a foodie-, parent-, nutritionist- and philanthropist. The mission is to create a wholesome snack - nutritious and delicious AND to stay true to the high-quality standards of Scandinavia, by creating a product that is pure and simple – inside and out. 

In Danish, the word “kur” – pronounced koor – means “to restore to the natural or proper condition”, and we strive to do just that. Simply Scandinavian!