Kur™ are truly the perfect sweet snack for just about anyone.

With a rich texture and sinful flavors, these bars are loved by all sorts:


The Families

We want to make life easy on all of you parents and we know your family’s health is a #1 priority. With 100% organic ingredients and absolutely no added sugars, sweeteners or syrups, you can rest assured your family is getting a quality snack that will also satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. With 3 delicious flavors, Cacao Mint, Coconut Cashew and Brownie, you’ll be able to keep everyone happy and keep them reaching for a healthy alternative, rather than the cookie jar. Kur™ Bite-Size bars are perfect if you want to keep your children calm and balanced, without the crazy sugar rush. Yikes!

The smaller bite-size shape is easy for kids to handle and keeps everyone’s portion control in check. Keep a box in the car for a last minute nutritious snack on-the-go!


The Kids

Kid, you’re our favorite critics and we’ve had some excellent reviews. From toddlers to 40-year-old ”kids”, we’ve tempted many taste buds. For a perfect sweet treat in the lunchbox or a pre-soccer practice snack, Kur Bite-size bars are a tasty, fulfilling snack for your adventurous kids.


The Mid-day Snackers

When your eyelids are drooping after a long class or meeting, reach for your favorite Kur Bite, instead of a sugary alternative. Kur™ bars will give you a boost without stressing your blood sugar. And the bite-size portions will ensure, you don’t get too full for your next meal!


The Sporties

Kur Bite-size bars are an excellent pre- or post training pick-me-up– the sweet date and nut blend will give you the perfect natural blood sugar boost. We’ve had long-distance runners, skiiers and bikers rave about our bites perfect pocket size and yummy flavor. We’ve even had cross-country skiiers say they like them instead of the larger energy bars, because they are less filling during long races and won’t freeze in your pocket. So instead of a giant, high calorie energy bar, try a Kur Bite-Size bar or two – they’ll keep you on your toes!


The Ladies

Yes, that’s right. With an average of only 100 calories per serving, Kur Bite-Size bars are an instant hit! And Ladies, have you ever opened a snack bar, ate half, and put it back in your pocketbook only to find lint and pennies stuck to it when you reached for it again? Kur bars are bite-size bars, making them a perfect snack to throw in your bag or purse. Enjoy a Kur Bite-Size bar now and have another later. Now THAT is satisfying and sassy!



The Hipsters

Kur Bite-Size bars have eased their way into the hip urban world of young, conscious eaters who are looking for quality, pure and simple ingredients and Kur Bite-Size bars are 100% certified organic. With its roots in edgy Scandinavian design, Kur Bite-Size bars, puts a spin on healthy treats that no longer need to be so serious. Smart AND sweet!


The Earthy-Yogi-Surfers

Yeah, you know who you are. The sunshine lovin’, asana-flowin’ peeps who care deeply for the earth as our home and all the wonderful things she gives us. We dig your style. Kur Bite-Size bars are certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free, no added sugars or syrups and even Non-GMO verified! Kur is a big believer of good, clean ingredients that are gentle on your body and gentle on the planet!


KUR™ Bite-Size bar - Truly the perfect sweet snack for just about anyone!